What is Guerrilla Marketing?

The concept of guerrilla marketing was created by Jay Conrad Levinson, and it has gained a loyal following in the world of marketing. The concept has been one of the most cost effective ways to promote a product. It involves a low cost method that allows marketers to gain big results. … [Read More...]

business partners analyzing a database structure

The Best Project Management Tools for Your Business

It used to be that all business was conducted on paper.  Contracts had to be printed and signed, invoices and payments were processed by hand, and communications were sent via snail mail.  These days it’s a different story.  Electronic signatures are now acceptable.  Payroll is automatically … [Read More...]

Getting Your Company Credit Policy Right

Your credit policy should be a vital ingredient of an overall business plan, so getting it right is important and involves balancing your sales targets with the cash needed to finance production, and stock holding. It must be a stabilising factor of your marketing and customer service departments: a … [Read More...]

Self Storage for Small Businesses Makes Sense

There are several benefits to storing items in an self storage unit if you operate a small business. Some of the main advantages include: Safe storage of financial documents Make more room for office space Keep larger supplies of products on hand Keep marketing material pristine between … [Read More...]


What is Lock Out Tag Out?

Lock out tag out (or lockout-tagout) is a system often used in industrial premises and research establishments which employ potentially dangerous machinery.  Its purpose is to ensure that equipment, which for any reason has to be temporarily or permanently decommissioned, cannot be restarted until … [Read More...]


How to Save Money in Your Home Office

A penny saved is a penny earned, so the old saying went. In a home office this rings true because you're the one paying for everything. Keep a careful eye on what you spend and you might be able to … [Read More...]

How The iPad Can Help Make Managers More Effective

Some managers think that as long as they keep people working then they are doing a good job. The truth is that there is always room for managers to improve their own management style and this can be … [Read More...]


How Recycling Business Papers Helps the Environment

When Ts’Ai Lun, a Chinese scholar, first combined used fishing nets, hemp, grass, and dirty rags to make the first version of paper in 105AD, he didn't realise his invention would change the world. … [Read More...]

The Basics Of Market Research And How To Commission It

Markets are fundamental to any business. Without an understanding of your market, there can be no business! However, many organisations, particularly those who have become stuck in a rut, can overlook … [Read More...]

Negotiating Payments and Customer Visits for Credit Collections

Post from www.ProForensics.ie a forensic accounting company in Ireland. One reason your customer may not be paying you is because they have a temporary hitch in their own cash flow, perhaps a large … [Read More...]