How Musion Helps Businesses With Holograms & Holographic Projects

Holograms are no longer something that’s only reserved for sci-fi films. Today, hologram technology is so advanced that we can see long-gone musicians taking the stage again, going on global hologram tours. And if holograms can bring back Frank Sinatra and Buddy Holly on stage, there’s no limit to what they can do for your business.

Thanks to Musion, the world leader in the development, production, marketing and broadcasting of realistic, interactive, life-sized 3D holograms, even small businesses can use holographic technology to significantly enhance their conferencing, marketing, and branding.

Enhanced Sales Processes

girl using  hologram display with virtual augmented realityThe modern consumer has an infinite number of choices. They are no longer confined to choosing between only two or three products.

This is a great thing, of course, but it can create a lot of confusion. In fact, the shopping experience can be quite overwhelming when you are constantly asking yourself, ‘Which product should I buy?’ or, ‘Did I make the right choice?’

Musion’s holograms allow customers to visualise how a product fits into their own unique circumstances. Realistic 3D holograms capture the customer’s attention and help them purchase products.

From helping customers check out a dress to helping them gauge the look and feel of a car, 3D holograms can significantly enhance the sales process. EyeLiner and EyeCandy are a couple of Musion holographic platforms that are perfect for retail environments, including shopping windows.

Musion’s solutions and services such as Content Creation allow you to create 3D holograms that highlight information and the story behind the product as well as the product itself. Not only do captivating visuals double the consumer’s dwell time and attention span, but they also help them make more informed decisions when shopping.

Holograms can become the reason why people choose one store over another. And in a time when more and more consumers are opting for online shopping, 3D holograms can help brick and mortar shops stay competitive.

Companies such as Adidas, Hennessey, and M&Ms are already using 3D holograms to boost point-of-sale purchases. As mentioned, such innovative solutions are not reserved for the big players only.

For instance, Musion’s entry-level solution, EyeSay, is a compact, static unit that can work wonders for small businesses. It is ideal for airports, retail outlets, roadshows, shopping malls, and exhibitions.


hologram singerThanks to the Internet, consumers are more aware of their surroundings. They are not so easily deceived by ‘magic tricks.’

We are always looking for the next big thing to keep ourselves entertained. Due to the influx of information, age-old solutions no longer have that “Wow” effect.

We want things we haven’t seen before; we want futuristic experiences. And what’s more futuristic than not being able to tell whether you are dreaming or Noodle and Murdoc from the virtual band ‘Gorillaz’ have actually come to life?

Musion 3D has managed to transform the simple Victorian-era Pepper’s Ghost optical illusion into a cutting-edge multimedia platform that enables a wide variety of entertaining 3D holographic projects.

If you are looking to make the most of event marketing and branding, Musion can help you draw attention with mesmerising visuals and create a childlike sense of wonder and awe among your audience.

By using Musion’s state-of-the-art film production and broadcasting studios, as well as their 3D holographic solutions, you can create a one-of-a-kind experience to impress a venue full of customers, clients, creative and business professionals, employees… you name it!

If your audience feels like they are in a Star Wars movie, chances are your closing keynote presentation will leave a long-lasting impression. On that note…

Permanent Impressions and Long-Lasting Memories

teacher and her students looking at a solar system hologramI passed at least a dozen billboards today. But I only remember what I saw on two of them, and I’m pretty sure my memory isn’t that bad. My mind has simply chosen to ignore traditional marketing mediums.

I’m not saying that old mediums have become obsolete, but this is undoubtedly one of the reasons more and more marketers are turning to ‘breakthrough’ technologies such as AR and VR. In fact, about 57.5% of businesses that used immersive tech such as AR and VR saw an increased turnover in 1 year, according to a survey by

But with every business vying for consumers’ attention, visuals and messages coming from glasses or screens don’t have the impressive effect they had just a couple of years ago.

Super-realistic 3D holograms, on the other hand, still do. Musion 3D services and products allow you to create something most people haven’t seen before. Moreover, they won’t even need to wear a VR set or even 3D glasses to experience it.

When you make your product look like magic and create Hollywood-esque effects revolving around it, it will become etched in people’s minds.

First impressions matter. The first impression should be positive, influential, leave a strong clue, and stay in the consumer’s mind even after conversion.

If a consumer experiences 3D hologram technology for the first time, chances are it will intrigue, inspire, and enchant them. This will result in positive thoughts and feedback.

And it’s hard not to notice a futuristic hologram, unlike a faded poster or a billboard. In Musion holographic projections, the centre of gravity of the device focuses on the product itself.

A 3D hologram attracts the attention of each passing person with its dynamic elements and movements. Three-dimensional animation, or hologram content, is projected around the product. This raises the consumer’s perception of a product to a completely new level.


Business man having a video call with his partner on a hologram in living room. Most businesses still rely on traditional solutions, such as PowerPoint point presentations and projector-based images at conferencing events. And now that we are living in a world of worldwide lockdowns and travel restrictions, Zoom has also become a way for us to deliver speeches and presentations, and even carry out award ceremonies.

These solutions are reliable, but the fact of the matter is that they are also easy to ignore. Moreover, when you are speaking to an audience full of industry experts, rest assured that they expect to see some innovation.

Trying to captivate people who have been listening to presentations all day long is a challenge even when you are doing it in person, let alone when you are doing it via video stream.

Musion’s Immersive Telepresence is the ideal medium for delivering speeches, lectures and presentations at multiple remote locations simultaneously. It allows you to broadcast a keynote address, in the form of a 3D hologram, to remote venues, offices, and trade shows all over the world.

Three-dimensional holograms improve on video calls because they feel more personal and make it easier for your audience to read your body language.




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