What Makes A Great Courier Service?

Your customers expect courier services where the delivery service results in the package arriving as soon as possible. Whether you’re shipping products locally, or fulfilling orders all over the globe, it’s crucial that you have the best courier service on your side. Choosing the wrong courier can lose you a customer, even if you did everything else right when your delivery services are slow.

There are many courier services out there claiming to be the best, so what are the qualities that make a great courier service?

We’ve made a list of what we think are the most important traits and qualities of great parcel delivery and courier company.

Outstanding Customer Service

Enhancing customer experience is crucial for your delivery service business. Choosing a courier service that goes the extra mile for you and your customer can lead to repeat sales. For example, the courier calling in advance to inform a client they’re coming soon. They also satisfy customers that have specific delivery service instructions without hesitation.

A friendly attitude, and willingness to solve issues promptly are essential. Remember, the courier service you choose represents your company. You want exceptional customer service to be a priority for them, as well as the expected great delivery service.

Deep Integrity

Trust between partners is the only way for long-term relationships to thrive in the parcel delivery business. That means being upfront with terms and agreements and no hidden fees. Delivering parcels in one piece, and knowing “fragile” isn’t a suggestion.

When packages are lost or damaged, the delivery service take responsibility by replacing them. Any reputable courier has an insurance policy to cover lost or damaged goods. Accidents happen. How a courier company responds to issues reflects its integrity.

High Value

Nobody wants to pay through the nose for courier service. You often get what you pay for, so the cheapest courier services aren’t always the best deal. You want a delivery company that offers you the courier service you need for your business at a fair price.

Check that the price they offer you is final – some couriers advertise rates much lower than what you pay after they tack on all the extra fees. You want a company that’s honest with their prices.

Professional Approach

Looks matter, like it or not. Your courier’s branding, their vehicles, and uniform impact how your customer perceives your business. It’s important to pick a company that presents itself as professionals and always follows trends to provide the best service. You want them to look like a serious delivery services company with clean and appropriate uniforms.

You’re trusting a courier with a critical touchpoint – the moment a customer gets their package. The impression they make at their door is how the customer will remember your business.


Parcel delivery is supposed to make life easier, and delivery companies know this. They use the best project management tools that help them delivering to the customer’s door and giving them options for pickup is an easy way to provide value after the sale. Orders come in all around the clock – a great delivery company can deliver at any time, seven days a week and on holidays. An easy-to-use order system is standard, allowing you to order your way, whether you like calling dispatch or using an online system.

Security Protocol

Advanced programs keep your personal information safe from attack on the internet. Expect your courier to protect your parcels with the same calibre, to ensure packages aren’t compromised and are delivered to the right person.

Top courier service offers real-time tracking online, so you and your customer know where their parcel is at all times. Stolen packages hurt everyone in the transaction, so check that your courier has safety precautions, especially for confidential shipments.

Light-speed Results

Customers want their products now. The best courier services offer almost immediate parcel pickup. Even if your customers don’t mind waiting, delivering their package before the expected date will always score points for your company.

You may have to rush an order one day, and you’ll be glad you chose a courier that has that capability. Having options is critical, especially when your business is growing. Overnight parcel delivery is an important feature, and it’s even better if the company offers same-day parcel delivery.


Business is always changing. Customers might second-guess their choice of colour or size of a product and send it back for an exchange. You need a courier that can respond quickly to your customer’s needs, and yours. They should also be able to deliver a broad range of items, from small documents to oversized packages. Even if you don’t need them now, it’s good to have options later.

What happens when your business gets a massive surge in orders that need to be sent out immediately? Having the flexibility to fill a sudden boost in deliveries without delay means less trouble and happier customers.


With every order, your customer trusts you to fulfil your promise. Consistency is the key quality to building trust between you and the customer. A reliable courier achieves their mission on-time, every time, delivering parcels safe and sound. You can sleep better knowing you won’t be waking up to angry customers wondering where their package is.

Qualities of Great Courier Service

Experience can’t be substituted. A company that has a proven track record and a history in the areas you operate in will save you time and money in the long run. Drivers should know local roads like the back of their hands, and be aware of peak traffic times to beat the rush and deliver on time.

Newer parcel delivery companies often pop up when current providers aren’t doing the best job. What matters is their knowledge of your business and how to serve you best.

Customer Feedback

It’s definitely essential to receive positive feedback from your customers because great reviews are more a result of great courier services than a feature. Checking what their customers say about them is the litmus test for the quality of their courier service. While some customers can be impossible to please, reviews usually show an accurate picture of the company. Customer service plays also an important role in rating your courier service.

You can see their performance in categories like customer service or speed, and compare it to other couriers. Check Facebook pages, Google reviews, and Yelp for a company’s true reputation.

A great courier makes you look even better in the eyes of your customers. Choosing the right one depends on your needs as well as your budget. Using these characteristics, you can assess the strength of a courier service and pick the best courier service that fits your business.

Having the right courier service on your side lets you rest easy, knowing they’ll deliver results every time.

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