How to Use Youtube For Branding: A Beginners Guide

Every new business owner has three important jobs while building a profitable company. First, you must have a quality product, something that you can feel good selling. Second, you need a brand. The flag of your business, your brand reaches out to the world and tells everyone that you have a great product or service. Last but far from least, you need a good advertising base. 

Products rarely reach their full sales potential if the owner doesn’t promote. Advertising your business solutions might sound expensive, especially if you are just starting a new business. With platforms like YouTube, however, you can reach more people with your brand for less expense. 

YouTube offers you the same advertising base many large advertising agencies would charge unbelievable fees to reach. With YouTube and well-crafted videos, you can lower advertising costs or make them disappear completely.

Hard to believe? Keep reading to find out how.

Introduction Video

If you are studying YouTube for beginners you probably have not considered posting an introduction video. Introduction videos are an important step and should not be overlooked. 

Before you post anything else, post an introduction video. This introduction will tell everyone who you are and what you hope to give your viewers. The video will also make it clear what you are offering to the public. Never beat around the bush with an introduction video. Go straight to the point about what’s in it for your viewers. 

Make your introduction video one to two minutes long. In order to keep your subscribers, use cards throughout your video to ask people to subscribe. Having subscribers will help with your branding because people will see you as a trustworthy brand. Your introduction should also be of high quality. 

Carefully consider the video’s message before you create it. If it takes hours to put together a high-quality introduction video, invest the time. Introductory videos are an important part of advertising your business

Where to Put your Logo

Before posting your video to YouTube, make sure to add your logo. If it is not made clear that your brand is associated with the video, many viewers may jump from video to video and eventually forget that you were responsible for that great video they saw. Your logo will be a reminder to viewers that a company was responsible for the video that they are watching and that the same company can help them personally. Adding your logo to videos when using YouTube for branding is an important step towards representing your company with videos, so it is important that you put your logo in the correct areas during the video. 

Show the logo at the beginning of the video, add some cute music, and give your logo three seconds in the video as the focus. These three seconds of putting your brand front and center will give viewers a moment to realize that your company exists, plus they can start mentally associating your brand name with your great video. 

Once the video has started, the logo should appear in the bottom left or right corner of the video. This almost invisible logo in the corner will keep people thinking about your brand as the video progresses. Another reason to be sure to have the logo shown throughout the video is that it will make it harder for other companies to steal your video and use it to support their own company. 

Once your logo is in place, you can welcome competitors to use your videos, because when they do they will also be sharing your brand with the world! Always add your logo to YouTube videos if they are being used on YouTube for branding. 

Thumbnails and Channel Art

Be sure to use quality thumbnails and channel art for your YouTube videos and channel. You can have amazing videos that impress everyone who watches and sends them running to subscribe to your channel, but if you have poor thumbnails and channel art, they won’t stay for long. The video is what brings them to you. The entire viewing experience is the thing that is going to make them fall in love with your business. 

Always make sure thumbnails and channel art match your crowd. Your brand following is a specific group of people who are interested in a specific type of video design. If you are selling baby pacifiers to women who want pinks and purples, seriously reconsider using a war or hunting theme for your channel art! 

Every detail of your channel needs to welcome visitors, especially your ideal clients. Poorly designed channel art and thumbnails make your business seem sloppy.

Categories for Your Videos

Don’t go out on a limb when categorizing your videos. There is a common misconception that going for the categories no other video producers would think of will put your video ahead for viewers. It’s not that other people haven’t thought of cute and original categories, they just know people search for the obvious. 

Using bizarre categories as a joke won’t help you either. Don’t categorize your video as a cat video if the theme of the video is a wrench, even if your cat did do something cute in the background. 

Make it easy for large numbers of people to find your video, because your video can stand up against a crowd. Write out a list of categories that match your video, then pick the categories from the list that will bring the most paying customers to your channel and ultimately to your business.


With time it will become easier to make helpful and entertaining videos for your YouTube channel that will also favorably represent your business. Don’t be afraid to fail a few times. YouTube takes time to master. The first videos you post probably won’t have instant success but keep trying to up your quality and stay consistent, posting weekly and promoting your videos across the internet. 

Build great content that helps or excites your audience while positively representing your brand and you will go from YouTube beginner to YouTube master.

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