How The iPad Can Help Make Managers More Effective

Some managers think that as long as they keep people working then they are doing a good job. The truth is that there is always room for managers to improve their own management style and this can be done through the use of the right tools. Here are some ways that the iPad can help make managers more effective.


Pages is the ultimate word processor for the iPad. You can do anything you want to with documents from creating and editing to sharing and layout changes. There are a variety of templates available to speed up the process of document creation and the ability to view the finished documents on the full size iPad screen is nothing to sneeze at. When you are done with your documents then you can send them to others in several ways.


As a manager you will no doubt be doing more than your fair share of spreadsheets and that is what the Numbers app was made for. You will be able to take advantage of over 250 functions to make sure that your spreadsheet creation is as fast and easy as possible. This app was built to assist you with the organization, calculation, and management of all your data. The fact that you can import your own tables from other sources is sure to save you some time too.


The Keynote app is the app that you want to turn to whenever you make presentations. You know that as a manager you will have to create some presentations that convey the right information and that can hold the attention of your audience throughout that presentation. Keynote is an excellent app for this as you can provide animations, graphics, video clips, and slide shows to keep presentations interesting. You can show your finished presentations right on the iPad or you can link the iPad to a projector.


Never underestimate the power of being able to take good notes. Evernote was made specifically for note taking and is an essential addition to the iPad of every manager. With so much for you to think about and remember, the ability to take notes and to keep track of them is going to be a big help on a daily basis. Evernote allows you to take all kinds of notes whether they be text, audio, photo, or video. With detailed notes always at your disposal you will be able to keep track of absolutely everything that is going on just like a good manger should.

Market Scan

The Market Scan iPad app lets you analyze stocks and keep track of what the market is doing. You can use its stock analysis features for many purposes.

These are just some of the ways that the iPad can help make managers more effective. You need to be able to produce the right documents, spreadsheets, and presentations as well as keep track of everything that is going on to be a great manager. The iPad helps you to do all this with ease.

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