7 Best Development Practices For Your eCommerce App

Building a well-performing eCommerce app is anything but easy. But we have got you covered with useful tips and tricks which can make your path a little less bumpy.

  • Gaining Knowledge About Market Dynamics & Competitors

You should start your eCommerce app seo marketing by primarily conducting a thorough research of your target market for deciding on the potential audience as it is impossible to cater to the tastes and preferences of everyone.

However, you can establish a strong presence if you start out with a small target group. It is best to select a particular segment of end-users and work on their profile. Important information like gender, occupation, habits and age need to be properly elucidated for gaining thorough knowledge of the client’s persona.

It is also necessary to have a clear idea about your competitors and their end purpose. Detailed competitor research can help you in gauging the position of your app in the store market. This can also help you in forming future marketing strategies which can help your app in gaining more popularity in the market.

  • Pre-Launch Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, app marketing should be started a lot prior to its actual launch date in the app store. With the number of apps increasing rhetorically every single day, your particular app might have lesser chance of making its mark and securing tractions.

Pre-launch marketing can however increase the chances of app success by creating the right kind of buzz and hiking up the number of initial downloads. You can seek out the help of social media for discussing about your app features. This can be of great help as it engages local users who are on the lookout of an app providing similar options.

You can also come up with a beta version of your app and share the same with PR journalists for conducting tests. They are bound to feature your app in their publications if they feel elated with its features.

Influencers and bloggers can help you in gaining a rapid fan following over social media by coming up with creative means of promoting your product. Their existing fan following is bound to help you in gaining traction whenever your app gets placed in the app store.

  • App Store Optimisation (ASO)

The best development practices for eCommerce app comprise of increasing your app visibility once it has been placed in the app store. You can make your app rank higher in search engine results by optimizing it in the right manner.

The visibility of your app in front of prospective customers share a directly proportional relationship with higher search engine rankings. ASO operates with the main motive of luring in more traffic towards your app for boosting up the number of downloads.

It is advisable to include at least one keyword having high search volume in the title. However, you shouldn’t rush this whole thing and take some time to finalize the title prior to publication. It can be extremely cumbersome to alter the title once your app gets viral.

The app description should be crisp and to the point having a clear mention of all the important features. Keywords can be used in this portion for talking about the solutions provided by your app. Users can gain a clear understanding of the functioning of your app by taking a look at the accompanying screenshots.

App Store Optimisation (ASO)

  • Establishing Tie Ups With Social Networks

Social media channels can have a big role to play in spreading word about your app to potential users. The immense user base ensures that news about your application does not miss out from gaining the attention of the potential customers.

You can seek out the help of paid ads for gaining knowledge about the interest and hobbies of customers for tailoring your app accordingly. Instagram and Facebook for example allow adequate customization in app advertisement for targeting the potential customers.

  • Content Marketing Activities

Paid advertisement might not fit inside the budget of all app entrepreneurs and that is where content marketing can come in to their rescue. You can easily reach your target audience by providing valuable content in the form of eBooks, blogs, videos, infographics etc.

Comprehensive guides can also be of great assistance in gaining the right customer base. In spite of being a slow strategy, content marketing has its own benefits. Valuable content leads to trust building which in turn enhances customer loyalty.

Although it takes time to create client engagement only via interesting content, but once you achieve the same, you can be guaranteed about a constant customer flow. Rather than just talking about your app, you need to come up with an effective solution of catering to the problems of users.

  • Sending Push Notifications

You can communicate seamlessly with your target audience by sending push notifications which works best if you have a large user base. However, you should refrain from spamming users by flooding them with promotional texts. The ultimate aim of push notifications is providing valuable information to keep users engaged. Since mobile users receive a large number of push notifications on a daily basis, you need to be extra creative for standing out with the same.

You can enjoy a higher open rate by personalizing your push notification so that it carries a clear message. Adding visual content in the form of videos and images can also encourage your users by touching their emotions.

Sending Push Notifications

  • Making Your End Users A Part Of Your Marketing Team

Your app needs to be marketed in such a way that it delights the end users and they get triggered to advocate the same ahead of their friends and family, this is one of the basics of business psychology. The same process is followed by their peers to form a complete cycle which transforms initial app users into an excellent marketing team.

Nothing can match up to word of mouth marketing in terms of effectiveness. General users have a tendency of walking in their friend’s shoes especially when it comes to installing a particular app. Developers should try and create various types of viral loops in accordance with their particular industry.

An eCommerce app success can be ensured by offering more discount to users who share the app with contacts. Publication platform on the other hand can shower greater discounts on users who take the advantage of social media channels to share their app with users.


Rather than just sticking to a particular marketing channel, it is advisable to opt for multiple app strategies. eCommerce app marketing is not just limited to a single click and focus more on building a long-term relationship with customers so that they don’t uninstall it after a few days of usage.


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