7 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience with AI

By Sebastian Coleman

When we refer to “Artificial Intelligence” we often refer to science fiction movies like “I ROBOT” where we find the robots performing tasks for their masters and even evolving to develop feelings similar to human beings. Yea…It used sound hypothetical earlier but the evolving technology of Artificial Intelligence has gained the limelight in our day to day life. Many even believe that it’s going to take over a lot of what’ been executed, currently by us. Yea, it’s scary…but I believe that we still have time left to come up with something if that ever happens.

According to recent corporate statistics, AI will turn out to be one of the top five investments that most Chief Intelligence Officers accept for their ongoing marketing strategies. Unlike the traditional corporate establishments, it is the e-commerce websites which have accepted it gracefully. In turn, it not only enhances the shopping experience but also enables brands to change their marketing strategies on a frequent basis based on customer preferences.

AI has also impacted the point of view of entrepreneurs as it has contributed to increased sales pipeline success and consequently the profit level as a whole. In order to further strengthen our discussions, I am going to refer to some of the leading factors which have enhanced customer experience with Artificial Intelligence.

1) Round The Clock customer service
2) Omni-channel integration
3) Reduction in waiting time
4) Repurposing historical data
5) Building strong customer relationships
6) Personalized customer interactions
7) Looking for future opportunities

In order to take our discussion to the next level, let’s dive in to these crucial factors

customer experience

1) Round The Clock Customer service

In today’s business world, customer service matters a lot and marketers should ensure that happy smiles that derives from making fruitful business deals stays like that. It’s normal for customers to have their issues resolved – as soon as possible. It might be a problem with claiming their goods, courier company services, etc. To solve this particular issue, e-commerce agencies or b2b corporates often try to provide round the clock customer supports to get the issues sorted out. They often take the help of the online chat box support system which makes the overall process seamless and efficient in every possible way. And….you guessed it right. Most of these systems are designed by using
Artificial Intelligence, so that it remains operational and proactive for the whole day long.

2) Omni-channel integration:

Unlike yesteryears, customers now try to reach out to most of the companies through various channels including social media, phones and mobile apps than just emails. So, it has become crucial for marketers to gather feedback from all these channels in order to provide a wholesome experience for the
customers. In order to get these datasets an agent should contact all the previous touchpoints in an integrated manner. But doing the task manually makes the job tough. AI can make the job a whole lot easier. Current AI software has the capability to provide that Omni-channel support, that too all at once.
This enables a streamlined process in passing on the data to make the customer experience more awesome & also reduces the marketers’ work.

3) Reducing the waiting time:

Well, time is one thing that we all are lacking and any sane marketer wouldn’t want the customer to wait in line- unnecessarily. In order to resolve customer complaints, marketers can make use of AI as it helps in streamlining the calling process. It is engineered in such a way that it helps in prearranging the
customers and thereby routing them to the best-suited agent in regards with issues. Whereas, in case of general inquiries the bot can route them to the best possible agents that will be suitable to them. As a result, customers don’t have to wait in queue for long and in maximum cases, they are able to satisfy
the queries of their most valued clients at once.

4) Repurposing historical data

Organizations gather data for all the possible domains and aspects of the customer journey, operations, customer behavior and much more. Before the advent of AI, most of this data used to get dumped and wasted. With the aid of AI, marketers & sales teams are able to use this data to get a 360-degree view of their customers which in turn helps them to improve the customer experience of their clients.

5) Building a healthy customer relationship

Being marketers, you will be planning to do build a strong relationships with customers. This can help maintaining your brand loyalty & increase sales at the same time. AI powered bots can aid a lot in this as they overcome human limitations and can send timely emails for feedback or for nurturing clients through personalized messages in a timely manner, thereby contributing immensely towards enriching customer experiences.

6) Personalized customer interactions:

In continuation with the previous factor, it is the personalized customer interactions that play a crucial role in the growth organizations. With the aid of Chatbots, one can collect and submit real-timeinformation to the marketing & sales teams. This  information empowers these teams to be spontaneous in providing customized experiences to their valuable clients. Personalized campaigns are a great way to win brand loyalty and to assure long term relationships with valued customers.

7) Looking for future opportunities

All the data that can be collected via Chatbots & other AI platforms often yields long-term results. Companies can analyze the previous trends in order to predict the future ones. Based on the analysis, companies can bring improvement in their products as well as target the right buyer persona.

Your turn!!!

Artificial intelligence has proved that it’s a boon for businesses. It’s true that there is a long way to go for the complete application of this advanced technology in the world of corporate. But, a lot of customers around the world have started responding positively in communicating with the virtual agents. This means that AI is here to stay. We can expect an increase in its buy-in amongst companies in the near future.


Sebastian Coleman


Sebastian Coleman is not only a man of his thought but a passionate writer. He has great interest in the field of digital marketing and data analysis. He was a successful salesman before the love for content got him. His favorite past times include listening to music, stamp collection, and traveling.  You can follow him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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