What Does Instrument Calibration Do?

Whether it’s in a science classroom or in the field, it’s always important to calibrate one’s instruments. The simple reason is because an instrument that isn’t accurate is worse than useless because it gives misleading or incorrect information that someone will then act on. For instance, a scale that is five pounds underweight used to […]

How Does Thermal Imaging Camera Work?

A thermal imaging camera works by measuring temperature in a given field instead of using visible light like an everyday picture camera does. A thermal imaging camera will detect items (both during the day and at night) that a normal camera and the naked eye would miss. The thermal image is produced in the following […]

Free Frameworks for Your Web Design

Often designers view frameworks as an obstacle the have to overcome when designing a site. Some feel frameworks hinder their creative leeway and instead end up conforming a design to work with a framework. It should be the opposite way around if you are interest in delivering a high quality product to your client. Frameworks […]