Pre Employment Screening in the UK

By John McGarry Employees are a major asset for any company. Good employees are worth their weight in gold. A dishonest employee can destroy a company reputation. They can upset other members of staff and even put the company in legal jeopardy. Pre employment screening of potential staff is now an essential & expected part of the hiring process. […]

When To Hire an Accountant for Your Business

By Cheryl Davis When you start a business it’s common to do everything yourself to save money, after all you are trying to build up the business, not spend a fortune outsourcing tasks. However, there are certain points in the business when it makes sense to seek the advice of a professional accountant. The financial records […]

Coworking Tips to Increase Your Productivity and Privacy

By Tristan Jasper Working from a coworking space can be a liberating experience for most people, especially if you are used to working in the confines of a more traditional office environment. Gone are the whitewalls and office cubicles, and communal work spaces and engaging working environments have taken their place. All of this can be a […]

5 Habits of Bad Managers

Some people are simply not cut out to be managers. Or to put it another way, there is something about good managers that makes them what they are. It may be hard to describe, but we’ve all had that boss that drives us to go the extra mile – without making it seem like a […]

10 Event Management Tips

Planning any type of event can be very stressful, especially if you are doing it for the first time. In truth, even professionals can get overwhelmed at times. Depending on the type of event and the number of guests, you may need a significant amount of time to handle everything properly, and with so many […]

What Makes A Great Courier Service?

Your customers expect deliveries to arrive as soon as possible. Whether you’re shipping products locally, or fulfilling orders all over the globe, it’s crucial that you have the best courier service on your side. Choosing the wrong courier can lose you a customer, even if you did everything else right. There are many courier services […]

How Can SAP Business One Help My Business

SAP Business One is a perfect business management solution for small businesses. It is designed for small businesses that cannot afford expensive ERP solutions. It helps manage the business by integrating all the business process across all the departments. There are several ways a SAP Business One can be of help for your small business. […]

Develop Habits of a Highly Profitable Business

There are two ways to creating a profitable business. Choose your own path after trial and error. Follow the footprints of those who have been there. The second approach seems more reasonable and is generally known as the best practice approach. The idea is to choose the best-proven practices and follow them to turn your […]

The Best Project Management Tools for Your Business

It used to be that all business was conducted on paper.  Contracts had to be printed and signed, invoices and payments were processed by hand, and communications were sent via snail mail.  These days it’s a different story.  Electronic signatures are now acceptable.  Payroll is automatically processed by computers and deposits are made directly into […]

Administration When Starting Your Own Small Business

Starting up your own business is an exciting and sometimes scary time.  It’s hard to know what the best strategy to take is, but there are a few things that should never be neglected such as accounting advice, brand identity, an online web presence, and effective customer relationship management.  Here are a few essential tips […]