8 Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid at all Cost

Event planning is one of those things that everyone thinks they could do without a single problem cropping up, until they do it. It requires a unique blend of organisation skills, creativity, hard work, and dedication. Oh, and you’ll need an eye for detail too! To give you some hints and tips, we’re going to […]

Social Media for the Cosmetics Industry

To say that social media has forever altered the face of the cosmetic industry (pun very much intended) would be an understatement. Social networks give businesses the means to engage with their audience in a direct way, thus reducing the need for intermediaries such as retailers, modeling agencies, and even advertisers. Some companies are finding […]

7 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience with AI

By Sebastian Coleman When we refer to “Artificial Intelligence” we often refer to science fiction movies like “I ROBOT” where we find the robots performing tasks for their masters and even evolving to develop feelings similar to human beings. Yea…It used sound hypothetical earlier but the evolving technology of Artificial Intelligence has gained the limelight in […]

How Coworking Can Help You Scope out Future Partners and Staff

Coworking has a number of benefits for professionals, especially for those working in Singapore. This working style is a much cheaper option than conventional office leasing, and it removes some of the distractions that come with working remotely. In addition, you get to work with some of the most fascinating, talented people in your industry. […]

5 Marketing Campaigns to Steal Ideas From

In our modern and digitally connected world, it is all too common that a high-quality product loses to an inferior-quality product because of good marketing. Good marketing is the key to success in the modern commercial world, but this has always been the case. Throughout history, brands which have led really great and memorable marketing […]

Your B2B Marketing Strategy is Failing? Fix it!

Today, despite the prevalence of new-age managerial styles and marketing techniques, most businesses are unaware how to frame marketing strategies ideal for their business. This lack of awareness and managerial fear of strategic failure prevents companies from taking the necessary steps to right their wrong strategies. Failure to take immediate action can result in loss […]

Top 8 Mobile app development trends

Everybody loves new stuff. Entering an unknown world and opening boxes to new adventures is always exciting. 2018 brings with it a whole stack of trends that are going to shape our daily life. Especially the new mobile app development trends. Here in Barcelona, we have a great and healthy technology ecosystem that, every year, […]

Is Email Marketing Dead?

With the rise of social media over the past decade and the paid ads that it brings with it, many people have made a career out of predicting the demise of email marketing. The only issue with these theories is that email marketing is still alive and well! Let’s delve a little deeper so we […]

6 Sources of Finance for New Business

Planning and starting a new business is often difficult and you will likely need to find sources to finance your startup business. Most of the time, people find the process quite frustrating and very exhausting. One of the reasons people suffer is because of the blend of imprecise assumptions and looking for financial sources in […]

Why SEO Link Building Is Not Going Away

Link building is not dead and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Though Neil Patel argues that link building is not the future of SEO as Google prefers high-quality content that helps users more than anything else but he says: “By no means am I saying that you should ignore SEO.” That’s the thing. […]