Why Must Ecommerce Businesses Explore Opportunities in Blockchain?

Blockchain technologies surged in popularity in 2017, with anonymous and private investors making skyrocketing gains from their holdings. The industry has risen in terms of its market cap with at least an 800 percent rise experienced in 2017, which makes it a hot investment. Investors also increasingly accepted both Altcoins and Bitcoins as long-term and […]

Develop Habits of a Highly Profitable Business

There are two ways to creating a profitable business. Choose your own path after trial and error. Follow the footprints of those who have been there. The second approach seems more reasonable and is generally known as the best practice approach. The idea is to choose the best-proven practices and follow them to turn your […]

Security for Till Fraud Detection

Fraud is a major cause for worry in many business organizations today. This vice is known to cause heavy losses and can even lead to closure of the business. One of the major forms of fraud in business is Till Fraud. This form of fraud is mostly perpetrated by till staff. In a wider loop, […]

7 Ways to Raise Finance for a New Business

Raising money for your new business is much easier when you have a lot of options. You should not feel like you are stuck when you are trying to raise money, and you should not give up when your first option fails. You have a much better chance to raising money when you use multiple […]

Company Liquidations for Credit Controllers

Under the Act directors of a limited company with financial difficulties can: •             offer a voluntary arrangement •             apply to the court for an administration order •             call a creditors’ meeting to propose putting the company into voluntary liquidation All of the above options lead to a qualified insolvency practitioner being appointed to supervise the […]

Getting Your Company Credit Policy Right

Your credit policy should be a vital ingredient of an overall business plan, so getting it right is important and involves balancing your sales targets with the cash needed to finance production, and stock holding. It must be a stabilising factor of your marketing and customer service departments: a clear statement of intention to both […]

The Consumer Credit Act for Credit Controllers

Terms of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 provide protection for both trader and customer. Its introduction was welcomed by the retail credit industry, as it removed the anomalies of the Moneylender’s Act 1927, which with the Hire Purchase Acts preceded the new 1974 Act. Covering a large number of varying agreements from credit cards and […]

Negotiating Payments and Customer Visits for Credit Collections

Post from www.ProForensics.ie a forensic accounting company in Ireland. One reason your customer may not be paying you is because they have a temporary hitch in their own cash flow, perhaps a large customer has gone under. In these situations it is ‘far better to negotiate a planned settlement of your account than to cut […]

How to Save Money in Your Home Office

A penny saved is a penny earned, so the old saying went. In a home office this rings true because you’re the one paying for everything. Keep a careful eye on what you spend and you might be able to afford more than gruel in your weekly shop. Printers Looking at a printer’s initial cost […]

Five Tips for Buying a Website Without Regretting It

There was an entrepreneur in the United States famous for appearing in TV commercials and declaring “I liked the product so much, I bought the company.”  That same saying could apply to the website BizSugar.com and me. Back in early 2008 I’d seen the site and fell in love with it — if you can […]