How Coworking Can Help You Scope out Future Partners and Staff

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Coworking has a number of benefits for professionals, especially for those working in Singapore. This working style is a much cheaper option than conventional office leasing, and it removes some of the distractions that come with working remotely. In addition, you get to work with some of the most fascinating, talented people in your industry.

However, coworking offers professionals a number of opportunities to find partners for future endeavours. More than just chatting it up at the office, the opportunities to connect at the office translate into positive relationships, the foundation of all business ideas. Coworking is the shared space phenomenon that places professionals in close proximity to other professionals from a variety of industries. This proximity culminates in the development of great partnerships.

Continue reading to learn how coworking promotes future connections that will lead to a positive future for your organisation.

Informal Networking

Many of these social connections bear the fruit of prospective partners and employees. Whether working at the hot desks or chatting over a coffee, these points of contact are great places to scope out possible partners and staff. To see the logistics of how coworking really operates, visit Servcorp’s Singapore site.

As a business owner looking to make new connections, the chance to develop both professional and personal relationships with a network outside of your own business can be incredibly valuable. Aside from the potential for collaboration and new business, it also gives you invaluable information that can allow you to run your own venture more effectively.

Formal Networking Events

Many of these coworking spaces also present great more formal networking opportunities. At these events, professionals can meet a number of people from a diverse range of industries. More than just standing around and talking to people, these opportunities offer you a chance to really engage with people beyond exchanging business cards. Use these events as an opportunity to really talk to people about their professions and the things that make them passionate about their work.

You will be surprised how effective these networking opportunities and events can be. With the majority of communication between businesses now occurring online, the chance to sit down and communicate thoughts and ideas with another professional can be extremely valuable, whilst also allowing you to stand out from competitors, if you are pitching a service.

Incubator Programs

Take advantage of any incubator programs that cannot only help you grow your business quickly, but can also place you in contact with people that could mentor you into a partnership and vice versa. Incubator programs give businesses a chance to meet people who are having similar experiences with their start-ups, so just from that standpoint, you have that in common. These programs are usually filled with young professionals who are all eager to meet new people and form new perspectives on any industry.


Stay tuned into industry policy by attending as many conferences related to your line of work as you can. Many coworking venues offer freebie conferences that enlighten professionals on any industry topic. Here, you can meet people who have the same motivation and desire to build a business. Furthermore, you can also meet people who know a lot more regarding industry policy, and again, they might be suitable partners or employees for prospective business.

Community Involvement

Get involved with your community as a way to scope out partners, but also to promote yourself to the coworking community. Whether you find yourself organising a potluck or even better a barbecue, become a part of the community by actively galvanising your people, even if this group is as small as your hot-desking space. People relax when the atmosphere becomes social, and so you will get a better idea of who might work well with you by just hanging out with them.

As mentioned earlier, the ability to sit down and interact with people face to face allows you to stick in the mind of those individuals far more than online communication. By interacting with the community around you, it allows you to build both brand recognition and rapport on a local level.


The great benefit of coworking is that it offers you the opportunity to travel easily to other locations because of its affordability. Do not let location hinder your ability to meet talented professionals from around the globe. With the advent of the virtual office and other remote working situations, you can meet and hire a professional to work for you from any place in the globe.

Additionally, most companies that offer coworking spaces will have offices across the globe. This means that, if you’re looking to relocate and seek business elsewhere, the transition into a different coworking space is simple and relatively stress-free. Unlike traditional workplaces, coworking spaces tend to provide a high level of flexibility when it comes to your obligations as a “tenant”. This gives you a unique amount of freedom to follow opportunities that other businesses are denied.

Finding the Right Fit

While you might not find the perfect fit, finding the right person to partner with or an employee can be done easily in the coworking space. Because the office space is set up to be somewhat social, this lends itself to you being able to network for these specific purposes. More importantly, it gives you the chance of working with potential colleagues before you actually work with them.

When shifting from a traditional workplace to a coworking space, there is always going to be a transitional period. However, while it may take some adjustments at first, there is a myriad of benefits for those that are looking to lower costs and expand their business’ reach. Plus, with a variety of companies providing excellent coworking spaces at reasonable rates, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs. Good luck!

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